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village community
summer camp 4th Ji-hoon Bae (2nd grade)
작성자 choppyya 작성일 2011-08-20 조회수 2532 첨부파일
At first, I was scared to go to english village. But after the first day it was kind of fun. We made Wanted posters,cowboy guns,and watched movies. The picture in the poster was me. I decorated my face to look funny and I wrote like this under my picture. "Wanted in the wild west for stealing 5 horses and $ 1,000.000.000. He is very stupid and crazy WATCH OUT!!!" Ha Ha Ha! When I watched Home alone2it was exciting. when kevin catched the burglar I laughed loudly. I liked our homeroom teacher Nick. He was very nice to everyone. He didnt shout at us. I liked science class and homeroom. On friday, we had flea market. There were pencils, erasers,notebooks,toys,books, pencilsharpner. I bought a notebook, a pencil, a eraser and a piggybank. These are my treasure. At noon on friday, we had water war and a tug of war. Our team won. I had great week becase of summer camp. Thanks my summer camp. I want to go to english village again this winter. I hope I am in there right now.
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