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[여름캠프 2]영어마을 입소후기
작성자 jiwoo7179 작성일 2011-08-05 조회수 2366 첨부파일
-I have used a translator. Please understand clumsy sentence. Hello? Im Crystal-ji woo Sung. If you already know me, you were there last year, a teacher might be a guess. Before I "Jane" Shes been named here. But a lot has changed compared to last years classrooms. More interesting, so I fell to the classroom. Specifically, Ecology class, Science class was a interesting. Because there, touching the animal directly, or because its fun to experiment with. Ive Been camping here, because, other things too wonderful. Of course, the camp was great too. Water also was fun. It was cool. Our teacher, Mr. Aaron was so kind, Wallace ran a lot of fun teacher was awesome. I looked like a lot of friends due to this camp, the teachers learned a lot and it was great. The camp was very rewarding. I have good memories thanks for letting me. English Village, forever!
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