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village community
<정규155기> Sarah's Admission review (오승은)
작성자 전희수 작성일 2010-04-02 조회수 3001 첨부파일
Hi! Im Sarah, i was in team 6. Our homeroom teacher is Miss. Krystle! I was so thankful. Some of the things that your said, i understanded looking at the sentence and vocabularys and learned. Some of them I couldnt understand so I got confused. I visit again during weekend camp or winter, summer vacation, s oyour guys have to stay there untill I go~ Enen though Miss. Traice went back home! I totally love your guys so much~! Even during lunch time we gatherd around with my friend and studied things that I coulnt do, playing badminton, it was really good. I went there because I liked English but actually I came because I wanted to study with you guys~ Today, while we were on the bus, going back hojme, tear came out. Studying was so very very fun and English is getting easier Studying is getting easier and I want to d omore Egnlish and things like that! Its because I learned so much things so well. Then, teachers, be always healthy and dont leave. Im SARAH team 6, got it? hahahahahaha
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