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안산시장 제종길
welcome to ansan hwajeong english village
Hello. I am Je, Jong-gil, the Mayor of Ansan City.

I will do my best to make Ansan a good city for 21st century citizens to live in and to help Ansan become an eco-friendly city, a fair city, a city vital to the growth of Korea.

Ansan Hwajeong English village, as a part of our policy, was founded with the objective of leading the children and teenagers of Ansan to become future global leaders.

It is a non-profit, experience-oriented educational institute run by Ansan University, supported by Ansan City Hall, and sponsored by the Ansan Office of Education.

Ansan Hwajeong English Village is visited by 53 elementary schools located throughout Ansan and has become an extremely popular educational institute among students and parents.

I think it is essential, if our country is to be competitive in the future, that our children and teenagers should acquire English skills and global cultural awareness.

I kindly encourage that all Ansan citizens actively participate in the diverse programs offered by Ansan Hwajeong English Village.

Thank you.
안산시장 제종길
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