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village community
Thank you for all teacher °? man?
작성자 gjdmsrud 작성일 2014-08-15 조회수 1796 첨부파일
To.all the teachers in the Hwajeong English village.
I am Jane. This is for  all of teacher thank you.
First  John teacher, you are good leadering to us. You gave praise.So~~ many.
I'll come next time I show the magic,Then DON'T LEAVE AHEV!!!!
Next Steve, Your class was raelly fun. Cause jerk came to my mind.
 I think you are a very cool.
Third Tony, You are really amazing!How can devotion your body to us, and  how can go to class?
I think you are a superman, see you next camp super Tony!
Fourth Dustin, You know I, So I was adie to asapt quickly, thank to the.
 superman  Dustin! see you next time.
Fifth Kyle, You have a very handsome and children love you, Then we want to inciude all of you.

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