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What a nice camp!
작성자 sjpark115 작성일 2011-03-18 조회수 2297 첨부파일
My name is Ann. I was a best student in this camp! and one of the best team number Team 4! I was very nervos before this camp. but the teacher are very friendly. so first, i go culture class. Ms.Nazli teacher teach about culture. My homeroom teacher is Ms .Kate teacher. she is so pretty. And we go cooking class, we make cupcake ang pizza bread cup cake was mix egg,200mL milk, and put in to the oil weaper. And put in to the oven. Then,made ice seel(?) Time is over! we poul ice seel on the cupcake and decoration. But i cant eat them because i give my family first! Next class is ecology~ its a new class.so.. Its Friday! I go to Limbo class! I can 80cm Limbo~ And I go to Ecology class, I touch animals again~ on Friday, teachers talk about best student and best team~ best team ddddddddddddddd............. T4!!!!!!!! congraturation~ And best student................ who get more120 sign..? (me!) OK~! you and you! come on! ...so I get a pen and white board, this camp was so good for me, and on summer vacation I go to this camp again!
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